(Hàng Mới Về) Nước Hoa Thiết Kế Độc Đáo Dành Cho Nam Và Nữ

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Giới thiệu (Hàng Mới Về) Nước Hoa Thiết Kế Độc Đáo Dành Cho Nam Và Nữ

Description :
Mr . Deer : The fragrance of this perfume is very discriminative , mature and stable . The top note is the thick and low - key of cognac , but then the alkaline aroma of shaving soap appears , combined with brandy alcohol , giving people a kind of peace of mind feel .
Miss Fox : Its opening is very girly . It emphasizes that there is a bitter citrus scent , which will be transformed into a rose scent after a while . The musk and rose scent , the overall smell is advanced and sexy .
: It completely interprets the dual personality . At first there is a spicy aroma , and then the mixed spices are pungent . With the taste of the spicy pepper , it brings out the psychedelic wine aroma , as if it is a micro The gentleman was talking close to his ear .
Lady Antelope : The woody gourmet scent is warm and layered , just like an old bookstore in the depths of winter , the wood crackling in the fire explodes a good smell of warmth , and the unclosed window is filled with a bitter The north wind faintly drifted in .
Item Condition : 100 % authentic , new and unused . Women 80ml Eau de Parfum Spray .

Specification :
Fragrance : rose , pine , jasmine , cedar gardenia
Fragrance : floral and fruity
Fragrance rate : 12 - 18 %
Package Includes :
1 x Perfume
1 x Color box
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