(Hàng Mới Về) Cuộn Thước Đo Chiều Cao 150cm / 60in Đầu Có Thể Thu Gọn Tiện Dụng

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Giới thiệu (Hàng Mới Về) Cuộn Thước Đo Chiều Cao 150cm / 60in Đầu Có Thể Thu Gọn Tiện Dụng

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———————— ♥ Product Introduction ♥ —————————

1. Free of harmful chemicals, safe to use, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
2. The measure tape automatically retract after using, easy to use, the markings on the tape is big enough for you to read.
3. Suitable for measuring head, waist, hip, leg, as well as arm circumference and so on.
4. Track your progress using the body measurement tape by simply wrapping around your body part and charting your progress.
5. Can put in your pocket or backpack without taking up too much space, portable design.

Item Type: Waist Tape
Material: Plastic shell +PVC tape
Scope of Application: Head circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference, leg circumference, arm circumference measurementSize: As Pictures Show 
1. As long as you pull the measure tape, you can lock the measurement results in the appropriate position.
2. Press the button in the middle to retract the tape measure.
If you're on a diet, help measure your body shape and check your progress
Accurate and easy to use, it measures any part of your body: arms, chest, waist, calves, thighs, hips, and more
Track your body measurements and progress
3. Button retract and lock function to ensure comfortable measurement;It's easy to measure for yourself.
1. Press the center button and wrap the end of the tape around the part of the body you want to measure
2. Lock the tie rod at the end of the tape into the circular grooves
3. Press the button in the middle, let the tape retract to the appropriate position
4. Read and record your measurements on a tape measure to see the size of body parts.

Package List:
1 x Waist Tape

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