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Giới thiệu Dây Nhảy Tay Cầm Dài Chống Rối Hỗ Trợ Giảm Cân

0407 Aerobic Exercise Skipping Jump Rope Adjustable Fitness Excercise Training

The skipping ropes consist of a PVC cord optimised for scuff resistance, speed and flexibility.
Develop speed, quickness, coordination and agility with the Rope.
The jump rope features foam handles, ball bearing and tangle-free cord versatile action.
Easy swivel design for unrestricted rope movement.
Tangle-free cord 8.5 ft long for durability and flexibility.

No-slip grip ergonomic handles for superior comfort Cord length.
Have fun getting your daily cardio in with this rope.

Color: black
Material: PVC cord, metal bearing and foam handle
Dimension: 8.5 foot

Package includes:
1 x Skipping Rope
Liên kết: Gel lột mụn tro núi lửa Jeju Volcanic Lava Impurity Removing Nose Pack (50g)